Summer Camp, July / August 2008

Very few things have an unconditional lifetime guarantee.  To name some of the few, we have a Swiss Army Knife, Craftsmen Tool, Zippo Lighter, and, oh yes A GREAT time at summer camp!!  Summer Camp is always a time that the Troop really looks forward to.  From camping to swimming to the COPE course, summer camp provides the opportunity for the boys to have a lot of fun while learning a lot.  We always have a number of Scouts climb up in ranks, trek the grueling Troop 170 Survival Hike, and earn a number of merit badges.  And the adults have a great time as well!

This year was the second year that the Troop went up for a full 2 weeks!  One week was at Camp Aquehonga and the second week at Camp Keowa!  Our scouts got to experience a dining hall program and lake front activities.  The Scouts had a blast and we look forward to doing 2 weeks again next year!

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