Check your handbook for other ideas.  Vary this list depending on the season we go camping.             

  • 1. Sleeping Bag in a waterproof bag!!

  • 2. Backpack (NOT a Schoolbag!!!!)

  • 3. Scout Handbook and advancement Cards

  • 4. Plastic Ground cloth (an old shower curtain will do)

  • 5. Unbreakable Cup, plate, bowl (or a mess kit)

  • 6. Knife fork and spoon

  • 7. Towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb brush etc.

  • 8. Flashlight

  • 9. Underwear (one pair for each night, plus one extra)

  • 10. Socks (one per night, plus one extra pair)

  • 11. Spare shirt, one per each day

  • 12. Extra Pants

  • 13. Hiking boots or Work Boots

  • 14. Gloves

  • 15. Hat

  • 16. Personal First aid kit, Band aids, gauze etc.

  • 17. Rain Coat or Poncho

  • 18. Pillow

  • 19. Sneakers

  • 20. Playing cards, etc to amuse yourself

Please check with your patrol leader on how this stuff should be packed.  Ask if you don’t know, we can help.

You can vary this list depending on when and where you go camping.  Most guys get comfortable with camping the first few overnights and can judge what they will need in the future.

 You can get the needed camping gear at almost any sporting goods store, sports authority or the Scout Shops listed in the Parents Guide.  Campmor in New Jersey has a great website:  and a great 800 number... 1-(800)-campmor.  They sell via mail order and online and have about the best stuff and prices around!!  All this with very very fast delivery.  Most of my gear I bought at Campmor.

In cold weather dress in layers. 

Uniforms are required going up and coming home,  and other times as dictated by the Senior Patrol Leader.