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French Toast

Scouts find this one so filling, they say they don't need bacon or sausages to go with it. For each person, you need 4 slices bread, 2 eggs, and 1/2-cup milk. Beat eggs and milk and add cinnamon to flavor. Dunk bread in mixture, but don't soak too long. Fry in buttered pan until golden brown. Top with margarine, pineapple pieces, frozen strawberries, or commercial whipped cream. Serve with hot orange juice (or Tang) or milk.

Eggs and English Muffins

For each person, you need 2 eggs, 2 English muffins, and 2 slices of ham. Toast the muffins. Fry eggs and ham and make a sandwich. If you like, save one muffin to eat with jam. The Scouts generally eat an orange along with this. Sometimes they prefer canned fruit (peaches and fruit cocktail are favorites).

An Egg in an Orange

Cooking an egg in an orange. This one is easy. Give everyone an egg and an orange. Cut of the top of the orange. Empty the orange with a spoon so that the egg can be placed in the empty shell. Put back the part of the orange you cut off and place it in a (small) fire. The egg will be boiled in the juice off the orange!
(Edwin van der Elst - Prinses Irene Groep 45, Rotterdam)